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Looking for a notary? Not sure where to start or what to expect? It can be confusing & overwhelming, especially when you need someone late at night or the weekend, when you’re unable to leave your home or office, last minute on a holiday, or under stressful situations such as at the hospital. That’s what Eleventh Hour Mobile Notary is here for…

I make house calls! I’m based in La Mesa, California but since I provide mobile notary services throughout East San Diego County, I can meet you at a time and location that’s convenient FOR YOU… Whether it’s your home, office, coffee shop, hospital room or even the hood of your car! 

Notary Highlights:

  • Bonded
  • $100K E&O Insurance
  • Laser Printer – Legal & Ltr
  • Accepts E-Docs
  • 23 hours a day 
  • 7 days a week
  •  Holidays 
  •  20 + years experience 
  •  COVID Vaccinated

Mobile Notary Services

  • Acknowledgment / Jurat
  • Grant Deed
  • Warranty Deed
  • Quit Claim Deed
  • Real Estate Loan Signings
  • Power of Attorney
  • Health Directive
  • Family Law
  • Family and Living Trust Documents
  • Witnessing or attesting a signature
  • Child Custody Agreements
  • Parental Consent to Travel Affidavit
  • Passport for Minor Child
  • Retirement Withdrawal Consent
  • DMV Car Title Buy/Sell
  • Investment Documents
  • Corporate/Business Documents
  • Depositions
  • International Adoptions
  • International Commerce
  • Construction Documents & Permits
  • Contracts
  • Witness

Mobile Notary Fees

  • I am a mobile notary and travel fees are added to the cost of signature fees. I do not have an office but I am available to meet at public locations.

  • The fee for each signature notarized is set by the State of California at $15 per signature notarized.

  • Travel fee: The travel fee is $50

  • Holidays, weekends, and 8:00 p.m. or later are an additional fee.

Please call for special pricing and discounts.

Satisfactory Evidence of Identity

Paper Identification Documents – The identity of the signer can be established by the notary public’s reasonable reliance on the presentation of any one of the following documents, if the identification document is current or has been issued within five years (Civil Code section 1185(b)(3) & (4)):

1. An identification card or driver’s license issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles;
2. A United States passport;
3. Other California-approved identification cards, consisting of any one of the following, provided that it also contains a photograph, description of the person, signature of the person, and an identifying number:
(a) A passport issued by a foreign government provided that it has been stamped by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service or the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services;
(b) A driver’s license issued by another state or by a Canadian or Mexican public agency authorized to issue driver’s licenses;
(c) An identification card issued by another state;
(d) A United States military identification card with the required photograph, description of the person, signature of the person, and an identifying number. (Some military identification cards do not contain all the required information.);
(e) An inmate identification card issued by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, if the inmate is in custody; or
(f) An employee identification card issued by an agency or office of the State of California, or an agency or office of a city, county, or city and county in California.

In the event that the signer does not have a valid paper identification as listed above then the “Oath of Two Credible Witnesses” can be utilized

Oaths of Two Credible Witnesses – The identity of the signer can be established by the oaths of two credible witnesses whom the notary public does not personally know. (Civil Code section 1185(b)(2)) The notary public first must establish the identities of the two credible witnesses by the presentation of paper identification documents as listed above. Under oath, the two credible witnesses must swear or affirm that each of the following is true (Civil Code section 1185(b)(1) (A)(i)-(v)):

1. The individual appearing before the notary public as the signer of the document is the person named in the document;

2. The credible witness personally knows the signer;

3. The credible witness reasonably believes that the circumstances of the signer are such that it would be very difficult or impossible for the signer to obtain another form of identification;

4. The signer does not possess any of the identification documents authorized by law to establish the signer’s identity, and The credible witness does not have a financial interest and is not named in the signed document.

General Information about Notarization

A Notary Public is an official of integrity appointed by the California Secretary of State to serve the public as an impartial witness in performing a variety of official acts including administering oaths and affirmations and performing other acts related to the signing of important documents as authorized by law.

It is the foremost duty of a Notary to screen the signers of particularly sensitive documents — such as property deeds, wills, and powers of attorney — for their true identity, their willingness to sign without duress or intimidation, and their awareness of the general importance of the document. Some notarizations also require the Notary to put the signer under an oath declaring under penalty of perjury that the information contained in a document is true and correct.

What are mobile notary public services?

A mobile Notary Public is a trusted person that travels to a home, office, or specified location in order to administer oaths, affirmations, and perform notarization of documents as authorized by law.

Common Questions

Why are documents notarized? To deter fraud. An impartial witness (the Notary) ensures that the signers of documents are who they say they are and not impostors. The Notary makes sure that signers have entered into agreements knowingly and willingly. Notaries create a trustworthy environment where strangers are able to share documents with full confidence in their authenticity.

May any document be notarized? For a document to be notarized, it must contain: 1) text committing the signer in some way, 2) an original signature (not a photocopy) of the document signer, 3) a notarial “certificate” which may appear on the document itself or on an attachment. The Notary fills in the certificate, signs it, then applies his or her seal to complete the notarization.

Does notarization mean that a document is “true” or “legal”? No. Notaries are not responsible for the accuracy or legality of documents they notarize. Notaries certify the identity of signers. The signers are responsible for the content of the documents.

Mobile Notary Reviews

Chelsea did A FABULOUS, OUTSTANDING, EXCELLENT, OVER THE TOP job in getting this file signed, notarized with several different locations and scheduling involved during a busy end of month pre-holiday weekend!!  She was fantastic in her communication and willingness to make this work.  Docs had to be scanned AND sent out to two different destinations. 

Lender funded this morning – I’m having a special recording done and both of the borrower’s loans will be paid off today!

I cannot thank you enough for your excellence in handling this fopah of a closing! 

Shawn O’Leary, First American Title, Santa Cruz, CA

I needed to have a document notarized at 8 am in the morning and apparently, notaries do not work or open before 9 am. After calling maybe 10 notaries I found Chelsea at Eleventh Hour Signings and she was willing to accommodate me. 

She was professional, affordable, and arrived at our meeting early. I would recommend Chelsea at Eleventh Hour Signings to anyone that needs documents notarized. Thank you, Chelsea.

Mike Chula Vista, CA

I needed a document notarized and I was worried because nothing is open after 6 pm. Then I found Chelsea on YELP and gave her a call, she was here within 20 minutes, answered all the questions I had, and was super friendly.

You did a great job, Chelsea, THANK YOU!!!

Phil Belivin, San Diego, CA

Chelsea was available and ready at a moment’s notice when I needed her – it was easy to get a hold of her and she was eager to help. Thank you, Chelsea.

Fe M., La Mesa, CA

We have worked with Chelsea for over 4 years at my nationwide mobile notary agency “TheBestNotary.net” (Check us out on YELP also). She assisted our notary clients in both Orange County and San Diego County, we count ourselves lucky to have her in our Rolodex to assist our esteemed clients.

I cannot rave enough about how cheerful, efficient and proactive Chelsea has been throughout our long-standing business relationship. She is a completely amazing person to have on your team and an outstanding, professional mobile notary. She is highly responsive in her communication, incredibly knowledgeable about all things notary and real estate related, and will literally turn the planet upside down to make sure any transaction she’s involved with closes smoothly.

I trust Chelsea with our high-profile, time-sensitive closing because I have confidence in her commitment to delivering great results. As I type this she is driving 56 miles one-way to drop off some documents at an Escrow Officers’ client home so that her literally Eleventh Hour (yes, that’s one of Chelsea’s specialties!) purchase transaction can close on time.

If you want great service, accuracy, and accountability then your search for a mobile notary partner is over! Keep ’em smiling Chelsea!

Eli Angote, Owner, TheBestNotary.net

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